My Mental Health Journey


As always, if you or someone you know is in need of mental health assistance, please make use of the following resources:

International Suicide Prevention Wiki – international directory of suicide prevention hotlines.

7 Cups of Tea – an online counseling service I have used (free and paid features)

BetterHelp – the online counseling service I used (requires subscription)

The Mighty – an online community that I have found particularly helpful.

Youper app – I use this daily to track my moods and the factors that influence them. I sincerely appreciate the monthly check-up surveys, which allow me to see how my depression, social anxiety, and general anxiety are improving or worsening over time.

Breathe2Relax app – I use this when I feel a panic attack coming on. It has helped stop some of my attacks. It is also useful as a brief mindfulness/meditation app.

I Love Hue app – this has been helpful as a relaxation tool. I find the positive feedback after every level to be especially beneficial in terms of building self confidence and supporting self love.

My Journey – Blog Posts

While maintaining stable mental health is likely to be a lifelong journey for me, I have detailed my worst battle with depression and anxiety, as of 2018-2019, in the posts linked below:

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Stronger, Better, Happier…Me.

Out of the Chamber – This Battle has been Won

My journey – Lessons Learned