Let’s take a break…

With photos of my Gunnyroo. He’s my little clown and he makes me smile. I hope he makes you smile, too.

close up of sleeping bulldog puppy
We took this one the day after Gunny came home – so tiny and so sweet!

Sleeping bulldog puppy wrapped in a blanket
Oh my gosh, he was sooooo tiny as a puppy! And look – this was the start of his blanket thief habits. All the blankets belong to Gunny.

Sleeping bulldog puppy
Awww little puppy loaf ❤

Bulldog puppy looking annoyed while at being woken up.
Human, I am trying to nap, stop taking photos!

Bulldog chewing on dog toy while laying on top of another toy.
Resource guarding all the toys.

Sleeping bulldog
He doesn’t often curl up in a little ball, but how cute is he when he does?

Close up of sleeping bulldog's face
Gunny’s are made of smoosh. So much smoosh.

Sad bulldog puppy
When he isn’t feeling well, my heart aches for him. Such a sad booboo.

Adult bulldog sleeping in loaf position
Grown up puppy loaf – very warm and snuggly. ❤

Close up of bulldog's face with tongue sticking out slightly
Blep ❤

Grumpy bulldog
Why must you always photograph me when I’m trying to nap? Judging you, human. I love you anyway, but totally judging you.

Bulldog sleeping with a toy in his mouth
He does this with a lot of his toys – falling asleep while nomming on them.

Happy bulldog chewing on a bone toy
Happy puppy loves having us hold his bone for him.

That snore is one of my very favorite sounds. ❤

And that concludes today’s puppy break. Yes, Gunny is no longer a puppy – but he will always be my puppy. ❤

Okay, my friend, I hope you have a wonderful day. I’ll be back again soon with a post about lessons learned from my mental health journey.

Until next time, and with love always,



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